Ribbon Guidance

Natural dyed ribbons can be a beautiful touch for any type of crafting project. These type of hand dyed and well-made silk ribbons are created with the idea of using a plant based dye to produce the finest in ethical and natural products. We hand produce every ribbon that we have in house with a texture, color and style of silk that can mark a special occasion or help you create the perfect aesthetic. 

There are 4 main kinds of natural dye ribbon textures available in our store:

Original silk ribbon:

This is a silk ribbon built with a subtle sheen and a rather graceful drape, the naturally dyed ribbon is produced using authentic silk and a directional cut for improved resistance. These ribbons do not easily ravel and they can be reused several times with ease. Bias silk ribbon has a seam every 1 1/2 or so yards, as this is how it is constructed. These ribbons can also shrink to around 10% with heat. 

Natural silk ribbon:

This style of ribbon is manufactured to produce the same texture as the original silk ribbon. The only difference is the rustic look of the frayed edge. This is a beautiful selection perfect for getting a rustic look. 

Crepe silk ribbon: 

This style of ribbon is produced with a light and feather texture with a rough and matte sheen texture. This silk ribbon is heavier than the other options with a drape that is more formal and elegant. 

Crinkle silk ribbon:

The Crinkle silk ribbon is a softer silk in a lightweight construction. The ribbon is a favorite amongst photographers for its style and the way that it can be nearly translucent with the light.